Why do The Open?

Posted: February 24, 2014 by Uncle D in Uncategorized

It’s a good question. There are days when I don’t really want to do it either, especially since I feel like I’m a little behind after a hectic holiday and work travel schedule. But here’s the thing, it’s just a temporary marker for you. This is not an end goal. It is not make or break. It’s simply a way to give yourself a brief representation of your position compared to people of all ages and abilities around the world. In theory you can compare your placement from year to year but even that is difficult as the number of people competing increases by orders of magnitude each year, and the workouts are different each year as well. So at best it’s a very loose way to judge your progress on a year to year basis.

So you’re probably still going, wait why should I do this again? The short answer is that it’s really fun if you let it be. For you golfers out there here’s an analogy, it just takes one great shot to make the whole day of golf worth it. The open is the same, one workout where you do better than you thought possible makes the whole 5 weeks worthwhile. Plus you get to complain and commiserate at a whole new level :).

Don’t take this thing too seriously folks, none of us are going to regionals. However, you do get to put all the skills you have been working on to a test. Will it show you a weakness, you betcha! But guess what that’s good news, not bad. You can know where you might want to focus some extra attention, over the remainder of the year. But here is the real secret to why you should do the open, it’s a tremendously high energy time at the box. It’s like being at a competition but you aren’t competing against other boxes. Everyone that is there is cheering like crazy for you to simply do the best you can. The more people who participate, the more people we have there cheering, and that is a really cool atmosphere to take part in. Plus we started a new tradition last year and do some cool personalized open competitor t-shirts, only people who compete are allowed to wear those shirts for the remainder of the year. So sign up, put yourself out there, it’s a great way to test your skills and generically see where you stack up!

P.S. As an added incentive we are having a beat the old guys list each week. If you beat Dion or Craig’s score (whichever one was highest) we will give you a shout on FB and the whiteboards at the box!

Uncle D


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