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It’s the people, stupid.

Posted: June 6, 2014 by CrossFit Lewes in CrossFit

OK, so maybe that’s not the nicest headline. But let me explain.

Recently, there has been some public bashing of CrossFit by other fitness “professionals”. I’m not going to espouse about how most of the stuff the author of the latest blog making the rounds on FB was drivel and clearly part of some other agenda. Nah, the CrossFit community handled that just fine, as it does with all of the other derogatory comments lofted over the years – pregnant woman doing CrossFit (bad moms), CrossFit Kids (bad parents) and, of course, the ever present rhabdo discussions (bad CrossFit, bad bad CrossFit).

But the one point in this recent diatribe against CrossFit that bothered me most was the “cult” reference.  Before, to me it was a pretty funny analogy. As a matter of fact, on our Web site, we have a humorous quote that addresses this common quip from haters – “If this is what a cult is, then sign me up!”. But after thinking about it for awhile, it became less funny. Because what that remark was attacking is the core foundation of CrossFit for me.

No, not high rep olympic lifts.

No, not ripped hands doing kipping pull ups (are those really pull ups anyway?)

No, not feeling like you are gonna throw up after a particularly hard WOD.

It was an attack on the community. My community. Our community. And for that, there is no excuse.

CrossFit to me (and I will be daring enough to say for most of my fellow CrossFit brethren) has been, and always will be, about the people. We don’t come to CrossFit Lewes to go it alone. We come for the people. We thrive off of each other. Collectively, we pull more effort out of each of us than we would as individuals. And guess what? It works! Real change happens. Life altering change. And that act creates a strong bond. Because in the end, it comes down to people helping people to live healthier so they can enjoy more of the stuff that matters – living life to the fullest without the specter of poor health getting in the way. And that matters. It’s a meaningful endeavor that has a lasting impact.

Our CrossFit Lewes community is second to none. Of course all CrossFit affiliates think the same. And that’s what’s great about it. Look. There are many ways to get fit. All are valid, great ways to get fit. But guess what, none of them worked for me – and I tried them all. The day my life changed toward better health and fitness permanently was the day I walked in the front door of CrossFit Lewes. What brought me back the next day? Well, I’ll tell you it wasn’t the overhead squats. Or the box jumps. Or the rope climbs. That shit is hard! What brought me back and continues to bring me back is the people.

And it will alway be about the people.