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Crossfit Crack – A Public Service Announcement

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Crossfit Crack – A Public Service Announcement

This PSA is brought to you by United National Couch Loving Entities & Disparagers

TV Fades to grey, fit looking guy is shown waking up, voice over starts…

Joe is a crossfitter. He has been crossfitting for 9 months. Joe just did 4 days of crossfit in a row. Joe has a problem.

6:00 AM: Joe gets up for work. Joe hurts bad. His whole body is sore, it is a chore for him to sit down on the toilet.

8:30 AM: Joe is on his second cup of coffee, black of course. Joe is commiserating with Jane who also does crossfit. Joe tells Jane how brutal the week has been, he says he is definitely taking today off from crossfit. Joe groans as he gets up out of the chair to leave Jane’s office.

12:00 PM: Joe walks out to the truck to get his lunch. Going down the stairs still hurts. Joe is definitely taking today off from crossfit.

3:00 PM: Joe starts feeling guilty. Joe thinks he should really work out today. Joe’s body still hurts.

4:45 PM: Joe gets a text from Jimmy who went to the 3:30 crossfit class. Jimmy tells Joe about the ‘brutal’ workout and how awesome it was. Jimmy is a douche and a pusher of crossfit crack. Joe starts wondering if he can still make it to the 5:45 class. Joe has no idea he is starting to feel the unnatural cravings created by this nefarious drug known as crossfit crack.

4:50 PM: Joe leaves work ten minutes early as the crack starts to truly assert itself. Crossift is more important than work to Joe, even if it does still hurt him to walk down the stairs. Joe sends a text to his non-crossfitting girlfriend and says he has to work late. Joe is lying, leaving work early, Joe has a problem.

5:40 PM: Joe is not at home resting on his ‘off’ day. The crossfit crack is so bad that as Joe goes up the walk to the box (junkie terminology for the Crossfit Gym) Joe has a spring in his step and a smile on his face. He can’t wait to abuse his body some more. He is unaware of how completely he is under the drugs influence.

I urge you to look at Joe. Don’t be Joe. Crossfit crack is a real and dangerous problem and will make your friends hate you because it’s all you talk about. Joe no longer has a life, he is lost to the drug that is crossfit and interventions don’t work. It has been reported over and over that friends who try helping Joe recognize he has a problem, get talked into trying crossfit and they become junkies too. If you see Joe or someone like him stay as far away as possible to avoid becoming one of these hideously fit and mentally twisted people. This PSA was brought to you by U.N.C.L.E  D. in a sincere effort to save you from a wasted life like Joe’s.

Thank you, you may return to this week’s episode of Biggest Loser.


Butterfly Pull Ups Explained

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Lots of people at the box working on BFly Pull Ups. Thought this video featuring Chris Spealler might help.

Monday Meme

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How much is enough (or not enough)?

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The topic of this blog is one you are going to see multiple times – “How many WODs should I be doing a week?”.

The official Rx from the CrossFit main site  is 3 days on followed by 1 day of rest. The thought is the first three days you can still go with full intensity without feeling the full effects (fatigue, soreness) of the previous days’ WODs. And the rest day is vital to re-charge so you can go with a high level intensity when you start the cycle again. Oh, and rest means rest – not a heavy day, not a 4-mile run on the beach – rest!!!!

Realistically, such a cut and dried schedule is tough to pull off for many people. But that should be your goal – 3 on, 1 off, repeat. So now you know what the Rx for WOD frequency is, let’s talk about the other (more important) side of this topic.

What’s the minimum number of WODs you should be doing each week?

The answer is three WODs per week minimum. No less. If you do any less, you might as well not be doing it. You are not going to achieve any of your fitness goals by coming to the box any less than three times per week. Three is a bare minimum. THREE! Four is way better!  Most people who end up not succeeding at CrossFit and not achieving their goals can trace their failure back to one of two causes – infrequent WODs or poor diet habits (or both). Look, you are making an investment. Not getting the most out of that investment just doesn’t makes sense.

If you are going to join CrossFit then join it. Not just part way , we’re talking the whole monty. Commit yourself to at least three WODs a week. And when you are at the box, make sure your mind is there and nowhere else. Go balls out every time! Give it all you’ve got. COMPLETE EVERY REP (cough, cough)!

Because if you just want to workout twice a week, head down the road to 24-Hour Fitness for All. You won’t get results there either, but at least you’ll save some cash.

This is a little dated, but…

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…still fun for a Friday afternoon!

Heard at the Box

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Stuff we hear at the box that bring out the 15-year old boy in us all…

Member to trainer: “Is this rope the right length?”

Trainer: ” I definitely would rather it be longer than shorter.”

Rockin’ Dogs and Burgers

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Brr. It’s cold. Thinking about summer? Maybe Sunday Funday on the beach? Well, you don’t have to wait to enjoy hot dogs and burgers. There is a great company called Applegate that produces organic & natural meats. And they make some delicious 100% grass-fed beef and nitrate free hot dogs and burgers. Best of all, you can get them at the Lewes Food Lion in the frozen section in the healthy area right next to the fresh produce. Try them out if you have not yet. And enjoy a taste of summer in the middle of this blustery January.

The Progression

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At this point we have members at Crossfit Lewes who range from just starting out to some who are heading towards their four year anniversary. There are times I envy the newbies. I hear you newbies screaming – “What? Envy us??? We can’t do a pull up without a band, or a rope climb, or a handstand pushup. It sucks being new.” Ah my poor little newbies…
Here is why I envy you, if you are dedicated, coming 3-4 times per week, after the first 2-3 months practically every day you show up at the box you have a new PR or do something you couldn’t do the last time you tried. It’s an amazing feeling that almost constant feedback of improvement, God that feels so good. It helps create Crossfit Crack……………… – as in the drug, you dirty minded little monkeys! But Crossfit Crack is the subject of an upcoming public service announcement, not something I want to delve into today. (Look ma my first tease on the new blog…)

So yes, I do envy you a bit. And I’ll also let you know a dirty little secret, after the first year those PR’s and new accomplishments start to get a lot fewer and farther between, and I would be lying to you if I said there weren’t days where it was depressing. But, here is the good news, when you accomplish those new feats, when you get your first body weight overhead squat, or actually do a whole work out RX, or get your first muscle up, those accomplishments are all the more sweet. I actually remember those accomplishments more clearly than anything that I did in the first year, with the exception of the day, the kipping pull up clicked. I still remember that!

So as I head toward my fourth year I’d tell you keep striving for new goals, it sucks that they take longer to accomplish, and there will be setbacks, but ask yourself this – how long do you think you will be doing Crossfit? Really think about that, how old are you today? If you’re like me and you said, “until they pry my cold dead hands off the pull up bar”, then what’s the rush, be patient, keep striving. And if you are at the 20 month mark and you feel like you haven’t PR’d in a century, just go back and look at your journal. (You are keeping a Crossfit journal right!?!) Flip through the pages and you’ll laugh, you will be amazed at how far you’ve come in such a short period of time. Appreciate it, enjoy your hard work and your accomplishments. It’s a journey kids, as the man said at cert, it’s a long slow slope, and there aren’t any shortcuts. It’s the only way to get through life, constantly moving upward. No matter how slow the progress seems, just keep grinding away. You’re a Crossfitter, you certainly know how to grind!

Uncle D
P.S. As Craig is too modest to claim his work, I’ll tell you most of the posts are written by Craig, and while I’ll take any feedback good or bad, a couple of times I wasn’t sure if someone meant me or Craig’s post when providing feedback. So now you know, let him know he is doing a kick ass job!

Meme Monday

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Paleo Alcohol Guide

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Finally! No more guess work. This article from Paleo Effect is a good guide whether you are doing Paleo or not. Hope you find it useful!

Paleo Alcohol Guide |.