Heard at the Box

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Again, these are things said at the box that awaken the 13 year old giggling boy in all of us…

One unnamed trainer unleashed this gem, getting tongue-tied while instructing a class on proper snatch form:

“Alright, everybody get their hands on their snatches.”  

Umm…OK. I think I’ll just reach for the bar instead.


So Uncle D has been absent from the blogosphere as of late. Haven’t had anything worthwhile to say, and I really don’t want to waste people’s time. That is until today. This blog is a complete waste of 2 minutes in your life that you will never get back so feel free to check out now!

You were warned.

This blog is about my complete lack of coolness. I know, I know, you are gasping in shock, “not cool, say it isn’t so.” Ok maybe not. Let’s face it I haven’t been cool since I owned a surf shop in my twenties, and even then I was only marginally cool. But now, I am absolutely, super geek, 15 year old dungeons and dragons not cool.

Why you ask? Because I am the absolute worst – cool hand shaker, fist bumper, high fiver, probably in any crossfit box ever! Yes it’s true. Some of you have been subjected to my hideously geeky attempts at PR sharing joy. For those of you exposed, I’m truly sorry.

It doesn’t matter what you try, high five I go fist bump. Fist bump, you get a five hand, probably with some really awkward, highly uncomfortable, sort of grab to finish. Cool arm wrestle hand shake with mini chest bump, I have no chance of getting that right. Guaranteed to be awkward for all parties. I mean, when does that handshake actually stop anyway? Is there a back pat rule, 1 pat, 2 pat, break???? I’ve got nothing.

Seriously, it’s horrible. I actually try to avoid it if at all possible. So now you’re thinking, “Why don’t you just see what the other person is doing and react accordingly?” Because apparently my hand, unbeknownst to me, must make some alternative gesture that the cool person picks up on and changes in mid-stream, which of course leaves me dead center in the land of super awkward gym guy who is trying to do a low slap on the middle fist bump. Ugh!

So please, for the love of God, and your own degree of coolness, avoid trying to fist bump/high five me at all costs. Because this might just be contagious, and trust me you sure as hell, don’t want to catch what I have!

High five!

Uncle D

Becoming an elite CrossFitter

Posted: September 18, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in WOD

This article for Again Faster focuses on how to become an elite athlete. But really, these are all goals for every one who CrossFits to strive toward.

Almost all of this is common sense, really. Clean diet, rest days, decrease stress, sleep enough, etc. Dion has blogged in the past about virtuosity and getting outside of your comfort level before, too.

Virtuosity means making sure you are doing every rep correctly with the right form. This will eventually lead you to better performance. Don’t try to skip virtuosity in your WODs – it makes a huge difference if you are doing every movement correctly! This may mean you have to decrease your weight. THAT IS OK! Unsure if you are not correct on a particular movement? Don’t wait to be told, just ask your trainer – that is what they are there for. They will guide you to perfect form.

Stepping outside of your comfort level quite simply is trying to doing something you couldn’t do before and continuing to work at it until you can. For many beginners, that can be as simple as jumping onto a 12 inch box vs. stepping up. Or it can mean getting your first couple double unders without a break. For more advanced, it can be the holy grail (to many) of CrossFit movements – the muscle up.  Or reaching an elusive PR on an Olympic Lift. The point is, if you don’t step outside your comfort zone, you won’t grow!

The article is a good read, check it out.


Why do you CrossFit?

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Why I CrossFit…

So today I was totally drained – both body and spirit. I was tired mentally and physically. And it would have been easy to lay on the couch after work and take a nap.

But I knew if I went to CrossFit Lewes, it would be better. I would find a source of energy buried under this load of crap weighing me down right now and it would pull me out of my funk.  I just had to get my butt there.

So I jumped in my car and during the 5-mile drive I was still thinking “I still might not do the WOD. Maybe I’d just stretch a bit and maybe just do some skill work.”  Afterall I was tired. Hell, I ran 4 miles this morning anyway, I should take a break.

But as soon as I walked through the door, my attitude started to change. The earlier class was in the middle of the WOD and as soon as I saw people going for it,  a little spark ignited in me. Hmm, maybe I’d do the WOD after all, but I’d take it easy, maybe scale the weight or do some leisurely squats vs. tearing it up.

Then we started our warmup, and the energy that comes from everyone – our CrossFit Lewes community – really started to kick in. I had found that source of power hidden somewhere inside and it was starting to pump through my body. OK,  I could do this WOD, it might be painful, but I could do it.

And before you know it, it was 3,2,1…GO! And when that happened, nothing else mattered. Just me and the WOD and the clock. And when it was over, it felt pretty damn good. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard and it sucked – but when it was done I was renewed. By the time I left the box,  I was laughing, my blood was pumping and I felt totally awake and ready for the rest of the evening. And I walked into my house later with a smile on my face and in a great mood.

That’s why I CrossFit.

Why do you CrossFit?


10 more things!

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Ever wonder why these lists are always 10? Seems like a convenient number. Are there never nine or maybe 11?

Here is another one from the folks at Again Faster. My personal fav is #9. Declaring your goals to others. I think that’s a must for anything you want to achieve. If you can’t say it out loud to other people, how do you think you are you gonna make it happen?


10 Things

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10 things that will happen when you join CrossFit!

WORD! Can you add any others to the list?


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What are your favorite sounds at the box?

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You CAN afford CrossFit.

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Excuse me while I rant.

I was just reading some comments online about CrossFit and the cost to join (i.e, too expensive). Well,  I’m one of those people who gets a little riled by comments from people I don’t even know, so after stewing in my rage for awhile I decided to take a few deep breaths and go make my breakfast… a Paleo pancake…YUM!

Having just finished said pancake, I am still a little hot on this topic. So this post is all about the cost to CrossFit.

There are all sorts of arguments for the higher price of CrossFit.  Here are just three off the top of my head and not in any particular order.

1. It’s a premium product. Like the iPhone, BMWs and an Armani suit, CrossFit can command a premium price. Isn’t capitalism awesome? Seriously, I’m not just being a smart ass here – you get what you pay for.  With CrossFit you WILL get results (provided you do what your trainers tell you to do). You want to go work out at a traditional gym? Go ahead and pony up the $20 a month and head on down to Club Fitness.  Strut your stuff with an occasional Zoomba class or maybe throw a spin class in there, too. Check back with me next year on your results.

2. You get a much higher level of service. Every class you get personal training. You have a trainer who is watching your movements, correcting your form, helping you get better, stronger, faster. The trainers can advise you on nutrition as well. What’s more, you don’t ever have to worry about what you are going to do when you show up. It’s all done for you. You just have to get there and kick ass.

3. You are joining a community. If you don’t CrossFit, you likely just don’t understand this part of it.  Once you are in it though, this part is priceless. The CrossFit community is awesome! I’m not just talking about CrossFit Lewes (which is awesome + 1), I am talking about the “cult of CrossFit”. We feed off of each other. It’s called passion. And people with passion in this world tend to be the ones who are most successful. Last time you were at your local health club or in that spinning class – how many people were standing behind you to finish strong, cheering you on and pushing you forward. Yeah, I thought so. Community is key – it’s why when you put more than one CrossFitter in a room, the conversation will turn to CrossFit in less than a minute.  Actually, I talk about CrossFit to myself all the time, so it doesn’t even take two people!

OK those are just some top of mind reasons why CrossFit is worth the extra cost. I really can’t think of anything else right now that I pay for that I get as much value out of than my CrossFit membership.

So let me flip these “CrossFit is too expensive” comments a little on their heads and show you why many people thinking this way actually can afford to join CrossFit.

One dinner out per week (just the food) – $15 – 4 times a month – $60
One lunch out per week (just the food) – $9 – 4 times a month – $36
One mixed drink at happy hours – $6 – 2 times a month – $12
Your currently monthly membership fees at your gym – $20  (this way on the low end, but lets be conservative)

Total – $128
Monthly CrossFit Lewes membership – $125

Now, of course you could probably tweak those numbers a tad for each category and even come up with a couple more (do you have HBO? how about a cheaper cell phone plan? how many weekend getaways each year?). But what is not factored in here are the long term costs of not getting results year after year after year. Obesity is expensive. Poor health is expensive. Heart disease, diabetes, back problems, cancer… all conditions linked to poor fitness and all expensive. It really is not cliche’ to say “pay now or pay later”.  Not to mention the opportunity cost of being able to keep up with your kids or feeling good about yourself every day.

Look, I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses here. There are people who truly cannot afford a monthly expense like this. And that is totally understandable.  There are people who struggle to put food on the table at night, let alone  go out to dinner four times a month. I don’t have a solution for those people.  And this post is not really pointed at those people. But I think perhaps affording CrossFit is not top on their priority list either.

But the simple truth for many people is, with a little shifting of priorities, you really can afford CrossFit.

More Smart Box Bling.

Posted: July 26, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in SmartBox

So there are a few items in the SmartBox that will be cycling out more frequently. These are items that are offered initially to see if they move (i.e., you buy them). If they don’t, they will be swapped out for other products.

So your best bet is to try them out now while they are around. Here’s a snapshot of a few of those items available right now:

Progenex Force: We are featuring single servings of this pre-workout powder from the good folks at Progenex. “One serving, pre-workout, and you’ll feel the power surge within you—enabling you to take your training and performance to the next level, and achieve incredible results both in and outside the gym.” PROGENEX Force contains a special proprietary blend of ingredients that is specifically formulated to maximize your body’s ability to train harder, longer so that you can realize superior results. Read more at progenexusa.com.

WOD Balm: WOD balm is an all-natural muscle rub that soothes sore muscles and relieves pain on contact. We particularly love that it was created for CrossFitters by a Crossfitter. Jen Wirth, creator of WOD Balm, is a Registered Nurse, a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Instructor and a co-owner of Wildcat CrossFit in Tucson, AZ. She has years of experience creating effective, powerful salves from all natural ingredients.The powerful combination of herbs and essential oils in WOD Balm speeds circulation to wherever it is applied, warming and cooling the affected area.

Use before or after workouts or whenever sore/strained/tense muscles are letting you know where they are. For more information, visit www.wodbalm.com.

RIPT 3 Phase Skin System:  “Your Hands are the Tools You Use to Dominate Your Sport”.
The good people at RIPT have created a kit to help CrossFitters, kettlebell swingers, weightlifters and rowers keep their hands in good working order. The kit includes a synthetic grindstone to keep your calluses thin and tough, a Daily Dose moisturizer to keep them pliable, and a Quick Fix balm to protect and heal your hands after a rip. This stuff rocks. Learn more at riptskinsystems.com.

PurePharma O3: Ultra-pure, pharmaceutical grade, sustainably sourced fish oil capsules. Omega-3’s/Fish Oils are popular with athletes of all types to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery time. The benefits of Omega-3’s reported in the media read like a laundry list. However, not all fish oil is created equal. We think PurePharma is some of the best. Read more about it and find out why it is so popular with Games athletes at: http://us.purepharma.com/athletes.php

Rock Tape: Rock tape is specialized kinesiology tape that is used to protect and prevent injuries. This is the stuff that you see athletes covered in during the regionals and games. Go to their website for instructions on exactly how to tape for a specific injuries/ applications at www.rocktape.com 

Rock Wrap: This is not rock tape!. This is just high quality athletic tape that happens to be made by the same people who make Rock Tape. Plus, it’s cool looking.