Why do you CrossFit?

Posted: September 13, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in CrossFit

Why I CrossFit…

So today I was totally drained – both body and spirit. I was tired mentally and physically. And it would have been easy to lay on the couch after work and take a nap.

But I knew if I went to CrossFit Lewes, it would be better. I would find a source of energy buried under this load of crap weighing me down right now and it would pull me out of my funk.  I just had to get my butt there.

So I jumped in my car and during the 5-mile drive I was still thinking “I still might not do the WOD. Maybe I’d just stretch a bit and maybe just do some skill work.”  Afterall I was tired. Hell, I ran 4 miles this morning anyway, I should take a break.

But as soon as I walked through the door, my attitude started to change. The earlier class was in the middle of the WOD and as soon as I saw people going for it,  a little spark ignited in me. Hmm, maybe I’d do the WOD after all, but I’d take it easy, maybe scale the weight or do some leisurely squats vs. tearing it up.

Then we started our warmup, and the energy that comes from everyone – our CrossFit Lewes community – really started to kick in. I had found that source of power hidden somewhere inside and it was starting to pump through my body. OK,  I could do this WOD, it might be painful, but I could do it.

And before you know it, it was 3,2,1…GO! And when that happened, nothing else mattered. Just me and the WOD and the clock. And when it was over, it felt pretty damn good. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard and it sucked – but when it was done I was renewed. By the time I left the box,  I was laughing, my blood was pumping and I felt totally awake and ready for the rest of the evening. And I walked into my house later with a smile on my face and in a great mood.

That’s why I CrossFit.

Why do you CrossFit?


  1. rachelaugh says:

    I crossfit because everyday is a new challenge. It has boosted my self esteem, my self confidence, my body image…..and I feel like it’s CENTERED ME. It’s been an amazing humbling experience (so far). I can’t wait to see how much more I can push myself. Never finished.

  2. Jim Mahoney says:

    Why I Crossfit, Or It’s my turn/time
    After many years of not exercising gaining forty pounds and basically not taking care of myself it was finally my time. Yes my time to do something, to become focused on me after all too many years of doing nothing more than work, eat and sleep and taking care of others. Crossfit has helped me find balance and provide some much need recreation. The culture of Crossfit is very inclusive, motivating and lastly captivating or as one person at CFL put it the crack cocaine of exercise. Once you start, it’s so addictive.

  3. Chris Valenti says:

    I joined Crossfit because my stress levels were so high, I was in the ER three times last year, the last time on Christmas eve. At about that time, my 12-year old dared a race down the driveway. I ran about 100 feet and I was out of breath. NEW YEARS resolution: I never take them seriously but on 01/01/13 I did. Someone mention Crossfit and said he loved it. So I googled and learned what it is. I drove to Crossfit Lewes and saw a bunch of people doing things I thought were impossible. I spoke to a member who did explain what was going on and that Crossfit is the sport of fitness.

    When I met with Kris, she answered all my questions and I signed up. I knew that I couldn’t repeat a year like 2012. I had considered re-joining the gym that is 10 bucks a month. To me it is a mob of people doing the “same old same old”.

    I took the element classes, then went into the box and did my first WOD. It was hard, but was scaled for my level. But as I returned and learned more, met an amazing group of supportive Crossfirers, I realized this is where I need to be.

    About 8 months have passed. I can run a mile with no strain. My heart rate is slower. I have lost weight. And, those workouts that I thought would be impossible… I’m pretty sure I will be able to do them. It just takes time, patience and the support of fellow my crossfitters.

  4. Doris Valenti says:

    Why I CrossFit?
    After hitting the 50 year mark, I realized that being healthy (mind, body, and soul) was extremely important for many reasons. Fitness has always been important to me but I was clearly lacking in the appropriate way in which to reach my goals. I was spending $10 a month for a gym membership that was leaving me in limbo, making no progress, in an environment that was not conducive to real progress or community. No support system in place…. Then I heard about CrossFit Lewes and saw first-hand results of other members. My curiosity was peaked, but I was filled with fear, lack of confidence, and convinced “I could never do that!”

    Once meeting with Kris, doing the Element Classes, and meeting some of the people, I knew that I had FINALLY found that piece that was missing to get me to my goals!! The supportive environment that Kris and the other CrossFitters provide is incredible and you feel the enthusiasm through each WOD!! CrossFit is the BEST thing I have ever done for myself!!

    As far as the feeling of “I could never do that”…. Well after three months, all I can say is “I have, I will, and I can!!!” Thanks CrossFit Lewes and Kris for all of the support and encouragement!!! I leave EVERY WOD with a feeling of accomplishment and pride!! Love my CrossFit Lewes community!!

    That’s why I CrossFit….

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