You CAN afford CrossFit.

Posted: August 7, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in CrossFit

Excuse me while I rant.

I was just reading some comments online about CrossFit and the cost to join (i.e, too expensive). Well,  I’m one of those people who gets a little riled by comments from people I don’t even know, so after stewing in my rage for awhile I decided to take a few deep breaths and go make my breakfast… a Paleo pancake…YUM!

Having just finished said pancake, I am still a little hot on this topic. So this post is all about the cost to CrossFit.

There are all sorts of arguments for the higher price of CrossFit.  Here are just three off the top of my head and not in any particular order.

1. It’s a premium product. Like the iPhone, BMWs and an Armani suit, CrossFit can command a premium price. Isn’t capitalism awesome? Seriously, I’m not just being a smart ass here – you get what you pay for.  With CrossFit you WILL get results (provided you do what your trainers tell you to do). You want to go work out at a traditional gym? Go ahead and pony up the $20 a month and head on down to Club Fitness.  Strut your stuff with an occasional Zoomba class or maybe throw a spin class in there, too. Check back with me next year on your results.

2. You get a much higher level of service. Every class you get personal training. You have a trainer who is watching your movements, correcting your form, helping you get better, stronger, faster. The trainers can advise you on nutrition as well. What’s more, you don’t ever have to worry about what you are going to do when you show up. It’s all done for you. You just have to get there and kick ass.

3. You are joining a community. If you don’t CrossFit, you likely just don’t understand this part of it.  Once you are in it though, this part is priceless. The CrossFit community is awesome! I’m not just talking about CrossFit Lewes (which is awesome + 1), I am talking about the “cult of CrossFit”. We feed off of each other. It’s called passion. And people with passion in this world tend to be the ones who are most successful. Last time you were at your local health club or in that spinning class – how many people were standing behind you to finish strong, cheering you on and pushing you forward. Yeah, I thought so. Community is key – it’s why when you put more than one CrossFitter in a room, the conversation will turn to CrossFit in less than a minute.  Actually, I talk about CrossFit to myself all the time, so it doesn’t even take two people!

OK those are just some top of mind reasons why CrossFit is worth the extra cost. I really can’t think of anything else right now that I pay for that I get as much value out of than my CrossFit membership.

So let me flip these “CrossFit is too expensive” comments a little on their heads and show you why many people thinking this way actually can afford to join CrossFit.

One dinner out per week (just the food) – $15 – 4 times a month – $60
One lunch out per week (just the food) – $9 – 4 times a month – $36
One mixed drink at happy hours – $6 – 2 times a month – $12
Your currently monthly membership fees at your gym – $20  (this way on the low end, but lets be conservative)

Total – $128
Monthly CrossFit Lewes membership – $125

Now, of course you could probably tweak those numbers a tad for each category and even come up with a couple more (do you have HBO? how about a cheaper cell phone plan? how many weekend getaways each year?). But what is not factored in here are the long term costs of not getting results year after year after year. Obesity is expensive. Poor health is expensive. Heart disease, diabetes, back problems, cancer… all conditions linked to poor fitness and all expensive. It really is not cliche’ to say “pay now or pay later”.  Not to mention the opportunity cost of being able to keep up with your kids or feeling good about yourself every day.

Look, I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses here. There are people who truly cannot afford a monthly expense like this. And that is totally understandable.  There are people who struggle to put food on the table at night, let alone  go out to dinner four times a month. I don’t have a solution for those people.  And this post is not really pointed at those people. But I think perhaps affording CrossFit is not top on their priority list either.

But the simple truth for many people is, with a little shifting of priorities, you really can afford CrossFit.

  1. Adrianne says:

    Crossfit where I live is 200+ a month and that is if I sign a 12 month contract, even higher if I am month to month. If it were 125, I would find that reasonable but over 200 as the cheapest option?

  2. Yes, some are more expensive, but typically it is a reflection of an area where it can sustain that price, meaning median incomes are higher there than they are here where we are in coastal DE. So following that train of thought of higher median incomes, it still should net out about the same in terms of how much you can afford. That being said, it would be ridiculous to say it works for everybody. But for a lot of people, they blow $200 a month on stuff that they wouldn’t thing twice about – like cable TV, maid service, nights out, etc. I can say I no longer have to take statins – which saves me $72 a month, and I have far fewer visits to the doctor now a days – which has saved me in the thousands if not more (I am 47).

    It’s a matter of perspective on what is important (in my opinion).

  3. Dj says:

    for college students who live off of every paycheck this is hard. 128 is for once a week and thats almost half of a weeks pay. If i want to go more it will run me about 200-300 which is an entire paycheck. Dont get me wrong i see the results but it is really expensive for a college student who lives paycheck to paycheck.

    • Sure, I understand that dilemma. A lot of boxes have special rates for college kids. Ours is $100/month for unlimited visits. Still steep for many, but more manageable. I do think some boxes charge way too much. But it is free market, so people will get what they can.a. A lot of boxes have special rates for college kids. Ours is $100/month for unlimited visits. Still steep for many, but more manageable. I do think some boxes charge way too much. But it is free market, so people will get what they can.

  4. Mary Morton says:

    CrossFit may be “worth the extra cost” but that is based on the huge assumption that there is extra cash just laying around or going to non-necessities that could be redirected. I drive by Federal Hill CrossFit every day in Baltimore ($175 a month!!) and wonder how many of the people I see working out are funding their retirement accounts, have much in savings, have no debt… another example of pay now, or pay later I guess.

  5. Spartan says:

    It’s expensive because it’s overpriced. It’s overpriced because it’s a d!ck measuring contest for this generation. Like yoga. You’ll also find a gigantic percentage of juicing in crossfitters, along with a high rate of unnecessary injuries. Said to me by no less than 3 medical professionals who deal with it all the time.
    I’m “cross-fit” without the price tag because I found a low-cost gym, do physical things outside, and am strong as hell. Which will work just fine for people who want to be fit without needing everyone who meets them to know how fit they are.

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