SmartBox has arrived!

Posted: July 16, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in nutrition, paleo, SmartBox

By now you guys know we have a new toy at the Box – SmartBox. First off, let me start by saying the idea of a vending machine at the box stocked with CrossFit-friendly products is AWESOME! Kudos to CJ as she starts her exciting new endeavor to outfit CrossFit boxes across the country with this great service.

Here’s why I think this is an awesome idea:

1. It’s convenient! You never know when a need might spring up for a recovery drink or paleo-friendly snack or some rock tape or some first aid for ripped hands. And it takes credit cards, too!

2. It gives you a chance to sample products without making a huge investment. This is my favorite part. If there is one thing I hate, it is ordering something online, paying shipping and then not liking the product after I try it. Smart Box is gonna be cycling different products regularly – so before you make a big investment in a case of something and paying for shipping to boot, you can try it out.

3. It’s healthy. If only all vending machines were like this, we’d have a lot fewer overweight people in the U.S. What’s not to like about that!

We are gonna start reviewing some of the products in the SmartBox over the coming weeks. We’ll give you the product details and then I’ll give you my opinion on them, as well as the opinion of others (just in case you think my tastes are pretty lousy). But truly, the best way is to sample them for yourself. I have made it a habit to stop by the box in the morning to pick up my morning snack, which will be the topic of this first product review…

Steve’s Original Paleo Crunch (Bacon Lovers)

First off, let me say one word. BACON! That alone should be enough. But these Paleo Crunch bars rock. I find for me they are a great way to start off my morning – a little sweet, goes well with coffee and BACON! They would work equally well as dessert or a before bed snack. Actually, come to think of it, they’d be great anytime during the day. Notice the picture below. I always try to make it home to take a picture before I eat it, but alas, that never seems to happen.


These gluten-free grainless granola bars are made of  just a few all natural ingredients: almond meal, shredded coconut, raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, almond slivers, cranberries, coconut oil, honey, vanilla extract, bacon and sea salt. When it comes to ingredients – less is always more!

And the best part is when you buy a Steve’s Original product, 15% of what you spend goes to help the nation’s youth!

So, if you are wondering what to try first – go for a Paleo Crunch (there is a non-Bacon option in our SmartBox, too). You can’t go wrong!


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