Body Fat Testing

Posted: June 26, 2013 by Uncle D in Uncategorized

Hi All,
Forwarding you this information I received from Chris Antonio on the BodPod testing at the Schell Brothers gym. If you have additional questions not answered here, just give me a shout. BodPod measures body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. It is a much better way to gauge you’re overall progress then by being a scale whore. You know who you are! 🙂 Seriously though it is a very good tool in your fitness tool box to help set realistic goals and monitor your results. – Uncle D


As you may know, I recently purchased a BOD POD, which is state-of-the-art body composition assessment equipment. It will give you extremely accurate results, and measure your body fat and lean body mass (in percentages and pounds), as well as track your progress each time you are tested, allowing you to adjust your program accordingly. I’ve researched this for over a year, and I’ve found the BOD POD to be an extremely valuable tool in evaluating and assessing your health and fitness level. It’s used at the NFL combine, Mayo clinic and the Biggest Loser TV show, and many large universities. Now, it’s available to you, right in Rehoboth.

Most people use the pounds on the scale to determine how fit, or healthy they are. Although this can be a helpful, that number doesn’t tell you how your body is composed – how much fat and muscle you actually have. The BOP POD gives you that information, in accurate and specific calculations. The lower number on the scale that you get excited about might actually reflect a loss of lean body mass, and not fat. But how will you know what’s actually happening inside unless you are tested?

We will be offering BOD POD testing Monday, July 1. Testing will begin at 8 a.m. and will continue until the last test is finished. For scheduling purposes, please book morning appointments first.

To schedule your BOD POD test, contact Melanie Murray at or 443-223-9137.

Please take a few minutes to review the testing protocol below, and remember drinking the day before your test will definitely negatively affect your results.

Testing Protocol

Prior to testing:

– do not work-out 2 hours prior to testing
– do not eat or drink 2 hours prior to testing
– drinking alcohol the night before testing could negatively affect your results

During testing:

– do not wear any accessories (glasses, jewelry, hair accessories)
– wear minimal form-fitting clothing such as Spandex/Under Armour type compression shorts. Single-layer compression shorts and/or lightweight sports bras are also acceptable, without padding or wires
– wear the provided hair cap to compress your hair


– the BOD POD uses air displacement technology, and does not have any dangerous Xrays
– the test takes only a few minutes to complete, and you will be given a copy of your results to take with you


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