Thinking about Paleo? Here are some tips to help you make it a success.

Posted: June 6, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in Uncategorized


Jackie S. from the box sent this to me on my Facebook page. It’s another article from my favorite Paleo Web site – Paleo Secret! If you have not bookmarked that site yet, do it because they have some incredibly insightful blog posts and other content that is a must read in my book.

The topic of this particular article that Jackie sent to me is how to make your transition to a Paleo lifestyle successful. Notice I didn’t say diet! Diet has the connotation that you are going to do this for a little bit to lose some weight. That is not the purpose of eating Paleo. Paleo is a lifestyle, you don’t just do it for a few weeks and move on to something else. It is designed to help you live healthier and cleaner for your entire life. So first and foremost, you need to understand that basic tenet. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.

ANYWHOOOO, check out this list. There are some great tips here. My Achilles tendon are the tips about nuts/seeds, fruit and getting on the scale. The tip about cleaning out the pantry is probably a good one if you are single or your partner is also Paleo. Otherwise, not so practical for me.

Enjoy the read.


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