Keep Progressing!

Posted: May 14, 2013 by Uncle D in CrossFit, WOD

I have seen many times for myself and for others where you reach that place called “hitting the wall”. You aren’t getting any better, stronger, or faster. One of the biggest causes of this is what I call comfort acceptance. For some it’s getting to RX and being happy, for others it’s a particular lift, I always do ‘x’ pounds in overhead squat because I’m afraid of ‘x’. Or sometimes it’s just a failure to remember how awesome you are. “I can’t clean 135 pounds.” Why not? You couldn’t clean 65 correctly when you started. What’s really different between the 65 and 135? YOU! You like where you are in Crossfit. You’re comfortable getting through the WODs, you know your limitations, and that my friends, is the problem.

Listen, I live in the glass house, I have been there and done that. When we did the games weights during wods in prep for the open it was a wake-up call for me. We used weights I never thought in a million years I could compete a whole workout with, and sometimes I couldn’t but more often I did.

This is a friendly kick in the pants reminder to get outside of your comfort zone again, just like you did when you first started Crossfit. Talk to the trainers, have them help you, pick one wod a week or every two weeks, and go heavier. Or struggle through a workout without the band. Promise yourself to get off your knees for pushups, even if you are only doing 2” pushups to start. Forget the clock, modify the reps if you have to, but break down your barriers. I know this is old news, but if you think you can’t clean ‘x’ in a work out, then guess what you never will. Baby step it, be safe, but take steps. It’s ok to suck, its step one in making progress. Don’t fall victim to the acceptance of this is all I can do, you couldn’t do any of it when you started and look how far you’ve come. Just because the hill is steeper and rockier here doesn’t mean you get to stop climbing.

So if you think any of this stuff sounds like you, then here’s your chance to start progressing again. Go out there and make yourself uncomfortable. You might just remember how awesome you really are!

Uncle D

  1. sorsini1 says:

    Such an appropriate post. I am in that glass house for most of my WODs now. Don’t get me wrong, there are movements I am still trying to get to RX at, but on most workouts, I am not pushing the envelope. Thanks for the wake up!!

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