Trash your scales people.

Posted: April 17, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in body fat


Quick, name one common household item that does more to screw up your fitness regimen and body image, especially if you CrossFit?

Times up!  It’s your bathroom scale. It is evil and should be ignored at all costs (unless of course you are not a highly active individual and you are crash dieting).

This image demonstrates why!  5 lbs of fat – large. 5 lbs of muscle – small.

So what should you be looking at instead? Your body fat percentages. There are lots of different measurements. The quick and dirty is using calipers to measure skin folds. While these are easy and cheaply done, caliper measurement are not entirely accurate and are somewhat different each time depending on who is doing it. You could go with something very accurate like a BodPod or DexaScan. These cost $55 – $85 or so depending on where you have them done. These are pretty accurate and measure fat levels in your tissue vs. what is just lying on top.

Or you can just use your two eyes. You can see what is happening to your body. And you can feel whether or not those pants have more room or if that shirt is a little big.

Just don’t rely on the scale. It’s evil and should be destroyed.


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