So you don’t want to look like Julie, Camille or Christmas?

Posted: April 11, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in CrossFit

So I just read a blog post from a CrossFit site and it just stoked the embers of something that bugs the hell out of me. So I must rage.

I’ve known a few ladies who CrossFitted (past tense) or who won’t CrossFit because they are afraid to get TOO BIG! Seriously, too big? You know – “I don’t want my legs to get too big or my arms to get too big”. YADDA YADDA YADDA.

I cry BULLSHIT! Call it what it is…an excuse for not working hard at your workouts and for not managing what you eat and/or drink. Or for no longer being motivated. But whatever the real reason, citing that “I’m getting too big” is nothing but an excuse.

This blog post is SPOT ON! – complete with pictures to demonstrate why the next time you hear this comment about CrossFit from non-CrossFitters (or former CrossFitters), you can call them on the BS right then and there.

And then go on and kill your next WOD.

  1. Jessica Tyndall says:

    Here is a list of some pretty hot celebs that CrossFit. I’m pretty sure no one thinks Jessica Alba looks like a man!

  2. Jessica Tyndall says:

    Correction: I meant Jessica Biel.

  3. Cj says:

    That blog post is unbelievably ridiculous. -(Cj 20:13). If crossfit doesn’t change your body, why are we doing it? To think there’s this magical cutoff perfection point for everyone is naive, no? We all get to say when enough is enough, in the same way that we can decide not to eat Cheetos because they make you morbidly obese (and make your teeth feel weird). And orange. Sorry to post a bit drunkenly. Won’t happen again. Cheers!

    • Certainly, we can all say enough is enough for whatever reason. Just don’t blame it on CrossFit. In many cases, people use this as an excuse – citing CrossFit as the demon. The truth is, it is their own choice and they should own it. Not come up with a false blame-throwing excuse.

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