Ding Dong The Open is Dead

Posted: April 8, 2013 by Uncle D in CrossFit Games

Dion post 13.4 open wod

Final Open Update –

So I am very excited to say that not only did I meet my goal, I crushed it. The bad news is, that makes next year’s effort a lot more difficult. I did the opposite of last year where I started well and faded, this year I finished strong on my last two workouts and ended up finishing at 382 overall out of 3,524 (top 11% with a goal of top 20%) and 29th overall in the Mid Atlantic region. I am going to go on record right now and say that assuming we get a masters regional event next year that will be my primary goal in 2014. I really want to thank everyone at the box for their encouragement and support throughout the open. I’m also very glad the damn thing is over!

But the main gist of this blog post is to talk about something that struck me multiple times over the course of the open. First I’m pretty sure I like coaching athletes better than the actual competing. And second as much as I love watching our elite athletes I am even more impressed by the efforts of our regular members over the course of this five week period. These people were often unsure what if any of the movements they could complete, the weights were at the high end of their capacity, or the gymnastic movements were a struggle, or the damn workout as a whole was just seriously intimidating. Yet they showed up every week, they put forth their best effort and while I know many were disappointed at different times throughout the event, I couldn’t be more proud of them. All of you took a risk, a leap of faith, just to see where you stood. Now you have a clearly defined target that you can blow through next year. I hope you also encourage others at the box to participate next year as well. It’s a tremendously trying, but fun event, it compounds the already strong family bonds of our box and I love it.

I’m going to continue to ramble a bit, you know, since it’s my blog post and all. The other thing that I was struck by especially this past week was how awesome our athletes truly are. Once in a while you need to step outside of your daily view point. Last Thursday I walked in and I started thinking about how few people could actually even do what we were attempting let alone do it for time. In round numbers there are approximately 9 million women aged 25-29 in the U.S. as an example. You know what percentage of those can do one single pull-up, let alone a chest to bar pull-up? I don’t know either but I would wager that it is less than 2-3% of the population. So now let’s take that to how many can do one chest to bar pull-up, I’m guessing that percentage drops significantly again, now how many can do one CTB after completing (15) 65-pound thrusters, you see where I’m going here, right? What we collectively do is amazing. I walk in on a Thursday night in April and watch people warm up with what the vast majority of the population can’t even consider doing at all. As I watched I just had this huge smile on my face, thinking, Damn!, all of these people are truly extraordinary. And as always I feel blessed to be a part of what you and we do as a group.

  1. sorsini1 says:

    Once again, love reading Uncle D’s blogs. I too, am glad the Open is over. But for as much internal anxiety I feel every Wednesday night at 8pm let alone every Thursday night at 7pm during the Open and wonder why the hell am I doing this, I can’t not do it. It is a part of me to strive to push myself and be better than yesterday. If I didn’t do this I would be very disappointed in myself even though it would be much more comfortable sitting on one of the boxes at the box cheering on my fellow Crossfitters on Thursday nights at 7. As far as Dion enjoying coaching….he does a great job as does all the coaches at CFL. I love having a coach in my ear giving me pointers and encouraging me along the way. In 13.5 during the second round of CTB pull ups, the number 15 sounded unreachable. All it took was Dion’s voice saying, “give me 2,” to make me regroup and realize I don’t have to do 15, all I have to do is keep moving. That was obtainable. Anyway, I too feel the Open strengthens our already tight nit family at CFL and couldn’t be more proud of myself and all of us at the box. Until next year my friends….

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