Monday Morning Quarterback and Week 3 Update

Posted: March 28, 2013 by Uncle D in Uncategorized

Monday Morning Quarterbacking –
First the quick update on 13.3 then on to the meat. Can I just say that I actually yelled at the television when they announced this workout. Having already done this last year I knew what was in store, and let’s just say I wasn’t too excited about having a second go at it. The funniest part of all is that even with fore knowledge it still sucked worse than I remembered! God I hope they don’t have that one repeat again next year. I improved by 23 reps from last year, still didn’t make it to the muscle ups though, which was my goal. However my score of 205 was enough to move me up 4 places to 562 in the world keeping me in the top 17% and on track for my goal of top 20%.

As with most workouts I found myself questioning things I did during the workout, and asking what if I did this and I wish I had tried such and such. This is not a productive use of brain cells for any crossfitter after any workout. Yes, you should try to identify ways to improve, but those are different questions than rehashing your workout over and over and thinking about what might have been. The problem with that type of thinking is that it’s a question that has no answer. You don’t know what would have happened. It could have been worse. My particular example had me questioning whether I should have stopped after my first 30 WBS. I felt really good after 30, I was breathing well, and felt like I could have kept pushing. But what if I did, I can’t know whether that would have helped or hurt, maybe I would have burnt out faster, as it was my shoulders went to hell in a basket at 100. So my point is don’t waste time looking backward, if you had a plan and stuck to it, and gave it your best shot that’s all you can do.

On the flipside I do think there is significant value in asking how you could have trained or prepared differently. I personally knew double unders would be in one of the workouts this year, they always are. I am mediocre at them fresh and dreadful at them when I’m gassed out. So knowing that, I really need to make it a priority to practice double unders fresh and TIRED!. This is something that I can set as an action plan for next year. And it’s something you should try to do even if it’s in baby steps to get better in every day workouts. Do you know your squat flexibility is bad, what are you doing differently to make it better? Always stink at toes to bar? Have you identified the weak link? Have you asked a coach for help, or to video you? Wrists always hurt in the rack position? How can you fix that?

If you are going to show up 4 times a week and really try to make this a lifelong sport you need to continually improve even if it’s very slowly. If you don’t you may end up getting disillusioned with Crossfit because you’re not getting better, but in reality you didn’t get any better because you didn’t make an effort to fix problem areas. Eventually the weakest link in your fitness will become a barrier to improvement. So stop avoiding stuff you stink at and start working on it now. Just so we’re clear I’m yelling at myself here as well. I hate double unders and don’t really like dead lifts and I have been slack in attacking those weaknesses. I also have always had a limited top end capacity, I gas out and muscle fatigue too quickly. I am going to try to be more diligent about working on both this year. So you will see me this year(after the open is finished and I recover), adding work before or after WOD’s. One thing I am going to test drive is to pick something each week and keep adding numbers without breaking. It will look like this
Week 1 – Burpees start at 25 unbroken, add 5 each day I work out going unbroken for all
Week 2 – Wall balls same deal start at 35
Week 3 – Double Unders
Week 4 – 175 lb deadlift

I’ll keep changing it up every week, repeating after a certain cycle and always trying to start where I ended the last time I did that exercise. I’m hoping this will help improve my overall work capacity, as well as to help train my brain that I can do more reps without taking a break. I am going to run the test drive for three months. I will measure my progress by using a specific workout or two as a bench mark and see if I improve at the end of that time. If that doesn’t work I can always try something else. If anyone wants to participate in this experiment, just let me know and we can track progress or make a plan together.

So to sum up, don’t waste time rehashing a particular workout, do choose to improve, ask for help, find a friend, and go get to work.

  1. Craig Klasic says:

    I agree Dion. RIght now HSPUs are my weakness (and muscle ups, but I know those will come with focus). But I HATE HSPUs and I have actually been getting worse at them. I need a plan to tackle those once and for all and to get stronger too. Anything at 135 and above really kicks my ass (except Deadlifts).

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