The Open Week 1

Posted: March 12, 2013 by Uncle D in CrossFit Games

Crossfit Games Open Week 1 –So the first of five workouts in this year’s Crossfit Games Open is complete. It may have been one of the most grueling workouts in what is now my third year of participating in the open. Of course it’s also the most recent, so I could very well be saying the same thing next week. The games makers basically took two of the hardest workouts from last year and combined them into one 17 minute mess. The workout is listed below.
In 17 minutes complete as much as possible of the following:
• 40 Burpees to a target 6” above your max reach
• 30 Snatches at 75 lbs
• 30 Burpees
• 30 Snatches at 135 lbs
• 20 Burpees
• 30 Snatches at 165lbs
• 10 Burpees
• As many snatches as you can get with remaining time at 210 lbs
Your score is total reps completed, so if you completed the second set of burpees your score would be 100.

The weights listed above get very difficult very quickly for most athletes.

My first attempt left me frustrated and to be honest, pretty dejected. I scored a 108. I had been hoping to get to 130 when the workout was announced. When I finished the workout I was ready to write this one off and call it a day, but after judging three more rounds of my fellow open competitors, the Crossfit crack kicked in and I knew I’d take another shot at it.

To give a feel of what this workout is like to participate in – it went like this for me, minute one feeling good 17 burpees complete, minute two starting to breathe a little hard 32 burpees complete. Minute three burpees complete legs are a little heavy, breathing hard, snatches underway, this weight is pretty reasonable so I am moving through them pretty quickly for me, but trying to manage the burn rate. Complete the 30 snatches at 5:29. Straight back to the burpees, UGH! and now my brain wants me to quit. Legs getting heavier, ground feels so nice to lay on…, get back up, touch the bar. Get down, get up, keep telling yourself this 30 times until you’re done. I’m at the 9 minute mark, my legs weigh approximately 300 pounds each. My lungs are begging for mercy while I fumble around changing the weights out, I still have 7 minutes to go. I reach down and pull on the bar and it’s almost double the weight I last lifted. “Don’t fail, don’t fail, don’t fail, slow pull, jump, drop under, lock out.” Drop the bar and repeat, mentally I get in a decent groove forgetting about failing. At the last minute fear of a failed lift creeps back in, and I desperately want to get to 123, someone from Riverfront had posted 122 in my age group, I really, really want 123. Pull, jump, lock, drop breathe. Don’t fail! I’m terrified of wasting the energy associated with a failed attempt. Lockout 122 with 12 seconds left, drop the weight, reset, breathe, pull, lock. 123 at 16:58 smile, collapse on the floor, try to find some position that gets air into the lungs. But it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad after such a big improvement. So, you know…….. basically just another day at the box…..

As I stated in my previous post my goal this year is to be in the top 20% in the world in my age group of 45-49. Last year I finished in the top 35%. The 123 puts me in a tie for 621st place out of 3,254 total competitors. (This will be the number of competitors I use to gauge myself for the entire competition, some will drop out, some will drop in, but for me it’s easiest to use the week 1 number of participants all the way through.) That puts me in the top 19% at the end of week one, a significant victory for me as I am not very good at snatches. (Insert joke here.) If I had stuck with the 108 score it would have put me in 1,346th place, or in the top 42% which would have put my goal for this year in serious jeopardy and more than likely given me an impossible amount of ground to make up. In the open every rep really does matter, 15 reps was a difference of 725 places on the leader board!

I couldn’t be more proud of the people in our box that are participating. This shit is hard! You are putting yourself out there in front of your peers trying to do your best and that takes real courage. It honestly is incredibly amazing to watch not only the effort that each individual puts forth but the continuous cheering, urging, and support of everyone else present at the box. It’s what makes the open awesome! If you were on the fence this year, then you should watch, experience the energy, and make sure you sign up next year. Remember there are very few of us that have any real shot of making it to regionals. You are measuring yourself against your own abilities and seeing how you stack up, setting a target for yourself, so next year you can burn it down! Keep on rocking open competitors, Wednesday night we find out what horrors await us for the second workout, and in that weird Crossfit way, I’m looking forward to it.
Follow along on the Crossfit games Leaderboard and watch videos of the workout on Wednesdays at 8:00PM at

Uncle D

  1. sorsini1 says:

    Fantastic post D!! You had me holding my breath waiting to see what your second attempt score would be. Way to go!!!!

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