Don’t make a small injury worse…take some time off.

Posted: February 11, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in Rest days

If you read some of the bullish*t out there spewed by CrossFit haters, one of their main mantras is “CrossFit hurts people”.

This makes me laugh for a number of reasons. But the biggest of those is it is ridiculous to make a statement about any sport or any exercise program being 100% risk free. Hell, you can injure yourself doing friggin’ yoga!  CrossFit is a sport. We put our all into it. And like any sport, sometimes an injury is going to occur.

Sometimes the cause of the injury is momentarily losing site of your form — like not keeping your chest up on certain lifts or pressing that knee waaay out over your foot when you lunge.

Perhaps maybe your muscles are tired and you did not take that rest day you should have and you experience a pull or even a fall.

Or maybe you are like me (craig) and you are just plain stubborn (stupid) and you let a small injury become a big problem.

So many of you know by now I hurt my knee – totally non-CrossFit related – about 9 months ago. Now, if at the time I’d taken two weeks off and rested, the problem would have mostly corrected it self. And I’d be happily WODing right now instead of what I’m doing (WOD mods for 6 weeks). But as Uncle D mentioned in an earlier post, CrossFit is crack! I could not ween myself away  for just two weeks. Even though my knee was screaming at me, I was not going to modify my WOD schedule. As the months went by, the pain gradually worsened. Finally, one day while doing heavy snatches I was afraid to commit myself under a weight that I was normally comfortable doing. I realized at that moment I had done something really really stupid to myself. I had let the CrossFit drug infiltrate my brain and overcome my better senses (specifically the sense that recognizes agonizing pain is not a good thing).

So now I am down and out for at least 6 weeks. I’m paying for physical therapy and doctors visits that I had not planned to pay for and I am a little bit cranky. Don’t get me wrong, I am still doing WODs – all upper body and core. I can also row. But one of the biggest appeals for me about CrossFit is doing the WOD – the same WOD everyone else is doing. That is where my high comes from.

So if you are experiencing a nagging injury and you KNOW you should take a break and let it heal, then do it! Before it is too late and you are forced to take more time off. Trust me, you don’t want to do that. The WOD withdrawal DTs are painful to get through and the FOMO is agonizing.



  1. Uncle D says:

    Great post Craig! Uncle D will have some follow up to this theme in the very near future.

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