CrossFit = amazing value

Posted: January 16, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in CrossFit

I was just doing inventory in my closet this weekend. I counted about 20 CrossFit t-shirts. A few competition shirts, a couple from the 2012 Games, some from boxes I have visited. A lot of CrossFit stuff to say the least. And it made me think about CrossFit and how it is what you would call a “badge”  brand.

A badge brand is a product or service from a company/corporation that you wear around proudly like a badge of honor. Consumers of badge brands will defend that brand until their last dying breath – even if there is no financial allegiances involved.

Badge brands typically deliver tremendous value. Value can be defined in many different ways by different people, but typically it means you are getting a perceived greater amount of benefit from your investment (what ever that investment may be – time, money, etc.). And as is the case with many valued badge brands, they can demand a premium price. Because no matter the cost, you are getting an equal amount or more value out of it.

Here’s an example. I finally got the new iPhone 5 today. Why now? Well, I saw Walmart was offering a $60 discount so I could get the base model for $127. That’s an unbelievable price. Now, I am an Apple snob! I use a MacBook Pro for work, I have an iPad for home and of course I was an original iPhone owner (you know, the iPhone 1).  I am an Apple evangelist. But $127 is just an unbelievably great price, so I headed over to Walmart to get my new phone vs. going to an Apple store. Well, I’ll spare you the rest, but needless to say the whole thing was a clusterf***k. In the end, with a lot of patience and tongue biting, it worked out. In comparison to an Apple retail store experience, it was like spending an hour in the depths of hell. And quite honestly it was not worth the $60, the saved trip to Christiana Mall and back, and the lost minutes from my life.

So how does this relate to CrossFit?  Simple. The value and rewards of the experience are way worth the extra cash. Or to put it simply, you get what you pay for.

CrossFit is a badge brand. It has incredible value to its members and commands a premium for its services (although the CrossFit Lewes monthly fees are phenomenal in comparison to other CF affiliates). The value you get out of CrossFit has many levels. The biggest may be results in the form of better health, stronger muscles, leaner body and growing self-esteem. But there is a lot more. There is a level of service you don’t get at a regular gym, a team of trainers vested in your success. There is also an emotional attachment made that stays with you  from the moment you first walk into the box. This place is different from a regular gym. And that feeling stays with you  through the WOD and lasts until you come back for the next WOD.  And most of all there is community. Our community of athletes at CrossFit Lewes is second to none. Such a great group of motivators and supporters. They are in it with you and make it very difficult to fail.

That is a lot of value.

So the next time you hear someone say CrossFit is too expensive. Tell them “You get what you pay for.” Then have them sit down and do the math and think about the value. What good is a low monthly gym membership if one, two or even ten years later you are in no better or quite possibly worse shape than when you started? Heck, there are some out there who pay for a gym membership and don’t even use it. (I guess maybe it’s too inexpensive?) Then start to calculate the costs of poorer health over that same period of time. Not a whole lot of value for their dollar. In the end, you always get what you pay for. And do you really want to pay with your health?

At CrossFit you will get value – in the form of  results and personalized attention. And a family of CrossFit lovin’, t-shirt wearin’ fanatics who will be proudly sporting that badge right there beside you.


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