The power of massage therapy.

Posted: January 10, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in massage therapy, mobility

If you haven’t done so yet, you owe it to yourself to add massage therapy to your training routine. Once a month spend a few bucks on yourself (go ahead, it’s OK) to get a trained and certified massage therapist to get in there and loosen up some of those tight spots. Shoulders, hamstrings, hips – whatever is causing you a little grief. Therapeutic Massage and Body Work offers CrossFit Lewes athletes an amazing rate that makes it more affordable than you may think.

Look, even the best athletes injure themselves from time to time.  CrossFit is no different. We are lifting weights, we are doing repetitive movements like pull ups and push ups and whatnot – we get tired, sometimes we lose sight of our form and we experience some pain. The trick is to get on top of the issue right away! First, address the cause. Talk to your trainer and let them know the issue. It may a simple form issue. Or maybe you are using too much weight. They’ll guide you. Don’t let those little hot spots of pain and tightness fester. Ice it after the WOD. Get a lacrosse ball on that bugger and work it out. Use the rollers and roll the knots out.

But it’s not just about injury. It’s about flexibility and mobility. A little body work each month can go a long way to stretching out those tight spots and increasing your range of motion.

Do yourself a favor. See Steve or Lisa for some unbelievable massage therapy. You’re worth it!


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