Paleo Bread? I think that’s an oxymoron.

Posted: January 9, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in paleo

Paleo bread. For some following the Paleo lifestyle, Paleo bread is the holy grail of Paleo foods. The juxtaposition of those two words is also somewhat of a cruel joke. “Hey, we have found a way to produce bread without grain!!! Our Paleo chefs have accomplished the incredible.” Now, just take a bite of this and….well, that’s where the bread starts to crumble.

To be honest, when I started following a Paleo/Primal/whateveryouwannacallit diet, I thought bread was going to be a problem. Not so much because I have a lack of will power (I do), but because I just like bread A LOT. But after a few weeks (which grew into months), I found I didn’t really didn’t miss the taste of bread all that much. What I did miss, though, was the idea of bread. Two pieces of something to put my bacon on with some tomato and lettuce. It’s a little hard to eat a BLT without those two key components – gets a little messy. I also missed the texture of bread. Just the idea of putting something in my mouth that had volume and wasn’t meat was very appealing. (Yes, I just re-read that last line. I also write soft porn on weekends.) I also like the idea of something crunchy like a chip or cracker to replace the celery or other veggies. It’s all a very tactile thing.

So wanting some bread (or at least the idea of bread) I went searching for the holy grail – Paleo Bread!

Let me tell you what I found. Something that looks like bread and even smells like bread. When you eat it, it even feels like bread. Taste? Well…not so much. But when you start messing around with something like a recipe, sometimes you can get it pretty close. And I got it close enough with a few tweaks to be able to satisfy my need to just have a sandwich!


So here is what I call the not quite the holy grail of Paleo Bread recipes. I found it on Pintrest. I made a few tweaks, though. I used more coconut flour and less almond flour. I also messed around with the amount of honey. Experiment with it. Also, if you throw it in the fridge after you bake it, it will last longer and it will slice easier. It’s pretty good (very nutty). It takes about 20 minutes total to make. But eat it fast – no preservatives means little green things start to grow on it pretty rapidly. Try it out and let me know what you think.

BTW – if you have seen any of the ads on Facebook for Julian Bakery Paleo Bread (almond and coconut varieties), steer clear. The taste was pretty awful in my opinion. And two of our fellow CrossFit Lewes peeps had it arrive in the mail with mold already growing on it.

Do you have any recipes you want to share? Send them along and we’ll feature them. Bonus points for homegrown recipes (not really but we like those best).

  1. I have to agree with the Julian Bread, I have a loaf in my freezer minus one piece. I’m trying to come up with a way to use it without it becoming a door stop. I found a good recipe for a sour dough Paleo bread. I haven’t made it yet, but when I do I will blog about it, good bad or indifferent!!

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