Build your Paleo library for just $39

Posted: January 7, 2013 by CrossFit Lewes in paleo
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So you know we are big proponents of eating clean. It doesn’t matter how many WODs you do, you are NOT going to see results unless you address your diet, too. It doesn’t have to be Paleo either! It just needs to be clean. That means cut out the bad stuff – processed foods, cookies, lots of bread or pasta, chips, ice cream and on and on. Try to eat foods with just a few ingredients in them. The fewer ingredients the better.

A lot of people do have success on a Paleo diet, though. And you hear about it all the time with regards to CrossFit. We also get asked a lot of questions.

So check this out – here are 33 e-books available for $39! You want to learn about Paleo? This library will cover it! This isn’t an endorsement, just passing along the info!

To0 rich for you? Then try this for just $12.38.


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